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Some people find contacts more comfortable than glasses. Some people need contact lenses rather than eye glasses for work purposes.


Our staff is able to answer all your questions about contact lenses. We look forward to educating you and helping you.


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Generations Eye Care: Contact Lenses

Successful contact lens wear begins with a comprehensive eye exam. The exam determines the most up-to-date prescription and allows a thorough evaluation of the front surface of the eye. The contact lens evaluation allows the doctor to choose the appropriate contact lens based on prescription, curvature of the cornea, age, and lifestyle.

We offer a variety of contact lenses that provide correction for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

Specialty contact lenses can improve vision for patients with Keratoconus (KC) and other types of corneal irregularities.

There have been amazing improvements in contact lens technology over the last several years. Many people who were told that were not good contact lens candidates in past exams may now be able to successfully wear them.

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